With more than 5500 square meters of space in the department, there are plenty of locations for interaction between students and faculty members. There are eleven common classrooms, seven meeting rooms, two lecture halls, twenty two research laboratories, and six teaching laboratories for teaching required lab courses. More details of the laboratories are given as the follows:

     Optoelectronic Detection and Research Laboratory

     Optoelectronic Engineering Laboratory

     Semiconductor Device Laboratory and Solid-State Engineering Laboratory

     Solid Thin Film Laboratory

     Green-tech Devices Laboratory

     Nano Opto-Electronic Devices Laboratory

     Measurement Laboratory

     Biomedical Photonics Laboratory

     Stereoscopic Display Technology Laboratory

     Applied Optics Laboratory

     Workstation Laboratory

     Microwave Communication and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory

     Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory

     Communication SOC Laboratory

     System Integration and Measurement Laboratory

     SOC Laboratory

     Microprocessor Laboratory

     Integrated Circuit Design Laboratory