Chair, Dr. Chih-Hsien Lai

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 Welcome Speech:

         Dept. of Electronic Engineering in YunTech had just celebrated its 25-year anniversary in Nov. 2015, and this is a young department with plentiful vigor and infinite development potentialities in Taiwan. The department has elite faculty consists of outstanding doctors from all over the world and a ten-floors Electronic Engineering Building. Under the great learning environment, we expect to educate students by means of both lecture teaching and academic research. Currently, the department has 513 undergraduates, 155 master students, and 16 doctoral students. Along with the flourishing development of electronic and computer engineering industry, we continuously enlist distinguished teachers and students to make the interaction of teaching and research more active. All these year, becoming the premier academy in the field of Electronic Engineering has been our goal to success.

Students will find information about admissions, our academic programs, and opportunities for enrichment outside the classroom. Our goal is that our students become well-rounded and technically competent engineers who can adapt and learn in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum enables students to master fundamental and frontier knowledge in core areas such as digital and analog circuit design, integrated circuits and systems, embedded system, information and multimedia processing, solid state electronics and photonics, and communications. Our classrooms are equipped with the latest multi-media facilities. With this preparation, our graduates go on to a variety of career opportunities in engineering and hi-tech industries, as well as to higher degree studies locally or overseas. 

Our faculty members are highly qualified and recognized as academic leaders and inventors in the field of academia. Our research is supported by laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. We welcome prospective students, friends, and colleagues to contact or visit us for more information.