The Department of Electronic Engineering was established in the fall of 1991. In 1994, the department began to offer a graduate program in electronic and information engineering. In 2003, the graduate program diversified to offer two separate programs, one in electronic engineering and the other in information engineering. In 2004, a third graduate program of optoelectronics was offered. In 2008, a Ph.D. program is offered, providing more opportunities for students in doing advanced research in the department. Currently, there are 523 undergraduates, 170 students in the M.S. program, and 10 doctoral students in the department. The alumni of the department serve in many sectors of high-tech industries as well as in academic institutes, including IC design, system integration, applications of computer and communication, micro-electronics, and optoelectronics. In future, the faculty will put more focus on inter-disciplinary research and international exchange of faculty members and students.